Time to Move…

Hear me out. I know reading ‘Move’ in a time such as this, would almost have you rolling your eyes to the back of your skull before discarding my line of thoughts into some bin labelled “okoto meow meow skrr” (some slang that means trash). Like I mentioned, hear me out. Currently, you may feel … Continue reading Time to Move…

Are All Of Us Really Mad In Lagos?

You ever been in a verbal war or fight and afterward felt this genuine peace and excitement that you did and said the right things?  Well, I had never. I always said the wrong things and regretted afterward, until this one time during one of my few sojourns to Bariga market. In case you are … Continue reading Are All Of Us Really Mad In Lagos?

DatOneLady – Oyinoluwa Akeredolu



          Who else feels very proud to say TGIF because you know you deserve it (oh yes me I do). It is another Friday, and guess what? Christmas bells are chiming, winter/harmattan winds are blowing, Santa is preparing to come bellowing “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

In case you don’t know; ya girl loves the Christmas season if you ask me why I might not be able to give you a reason but I love the festive period. 

Anyway, before I get carried aware, this close to being over “sad face”, so if you’ve missed any post you can catch up;

Jada White. 

Adedamola Soyebi,

Amaka Alex,


Maryam Lawal,

Semirah Omodudu.

Andy Emmanuel.

Seimiekumoh Onitsha


Alright, join me to welcome our guest for today, Oyinoluwa Akeredolu



Hi Oyin,

Q: Tell us about your blog/business (what is your niche/stand for)?

A: I like to…

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Open Letter to Youths of Nigeria: Like Pawns

    Like Pawns   Dear Nigerian Youth, I hear you have been frustrated and getting depressed a lot lately. Some of you have resorted to suicide to end the feeling of being unfulfilled and like pawns, you have been caught in a web of selfish game players in form of law makers and policy … Continue reading Open Letter to Youths of Nigeria: Like Pawns

How I rocked two outfits in one event.

From my previous style post "black, white and a pop of colour", I made mention of how versatility was important in picking out and styling outfits. Sometimes, it pays to use what you have in your wardrobe, instead of spending some extra cash on some outfit. So, case scenario. You have to go for a … Continue reading How I rocked two outfits in one event.

“so mo age mi”: A Rant

  I stumbled on a trending series of skits on Instagram yesterday- "so mo age mi" which is very much hilarious in its own way and entirely relatable especially to a Nigerian, more specifically to people from the Yoruba tribe. For non-Yoruba folks, 'so mo age mi' translates to 'do you know my age/ how … Continue reading “so mo age mi”: A Rant


"In the beginning, it was all Black and White" - Maureen O'Hara Well... which of the beginnings though? for now let's just focus on the underestimated black and white outfits.  what comes to your mind when you think of wearing a black & white outfit to an event? "lawyers' uniform", "waiter", "any officiating role", what … Continue reading BLACK, WHITE AND A POP OF COLOUR